Sayville FD Officers educate firefighters on ice water rescue techniques
By Ex-Chief Thomas Pantano
January 5, 2020

As a community located on the Great South Bay, and with other inland bodies of water within our district, the Sayville Fire Department has numerous members trained to the technician level in ice rescue. We maintain a full compliment of specialized Ice Rescue equipment that includes "Ice Commander" rescue suits, rescue poles, an ice rescue sled, ropes, slings, self rescue awls, and additional support personnel equipment. This equipment is located on Special Operations vehicle 7 out of Station 1 and Ladder 9 out of Station 2.
Today, Lt. Golio and Ex-Rescue Captain Smith conducted refresher training on ice rescue equipment familiarization, rescue techniques, operational procedures, and assessment of the signs and symptoms of the stages of hypothermia in patients.
Remember, especially in our local waters, "No ice is safe ice". Hopefully everyone has a safe winter season....but as always.....if you need us.....we'll be there.